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Johnson Clean Washes First Blog Entry


We at Johnson Clean Wash, have recently received more machines for Soft Washing, Pressure Washing and Deionized window cleaning. The List of our Machinery and what each machine to accessory does. 1. High water flow pressure washer/ Softwasher which can shoot high up into the air to clean several stories up without getting on a ladder, building scaffolding or most times avoiding the need for a “ Cherry Picker truck”. - The Johnson Clean setup can reach 18+ meters up from the ground.

  • With additional accessories we can reach 30+ meters up from the ground.

2. 1 meter wide ( 36” ) dual bar rotating surface cleaner with 4 nozzles. This machine makes cleaning parking lots, driveways, sidewalk and flat surfaced areas a breeze. - High water flow with the right mixture of pressure and solvents allows Johnson Clean Wash to brighten up your parking garages, parking lots, and flat walkways without leaving unsightly marks which using the wrong tools for the job can create all too easily.

  • The 36” Johnson surface cleaner can conduct a 4 hour job with a pressure washing wand into a 45 min job.

3. 30cm wide metal surface cleaner for narrow area cleaning solutions. The Johnson 30cm surface cleaner is also great for for cleaning cement and brick retaining walls. - The 30 cm Johnson surface cleaner alleviates the need for tiring hand work which often if not conducted carefully can leave marks where the dirt was missed.

- Uniformed and efficient cleaning solution.

4. 30cm Johnson water broom. A high pressure broom which utilizes water to cleans low retaining walls and flat surfaces.

- The 3o cm Johnson water broom is just the right size for conducting professional exterior cleans, moving the water around while leaving behind a path of cleanliness.

5. Various " Shooter Tip " Nozzles to allow the precise applications of solvents to surfaces for cleaning low and high places from the safety of the ground.

- Johnson Clean Wash has an assortment of various nozzle diameters which allow for professional application of cleaning solvents and thorough rinsing. 6. 3 Professional electric high flow chemical water pumps which allow for a higher percentage of solvent application for heavily soiled surface cleaning.

- The use of low water pressure keeps your surfaces safe and allow Johnson clean to protect your property from further discoloration and contamination from aerial debris.

















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